Past Workshops

Over the years we have offered a number of workshops from figure drawing to still-life painting and beyond. Browse our past workshops below.

Workshop Details

Classical Figure Drawing & Painting

Sep 8, 2022 – Sep 11, 2022

Thursday - Sunday 10am - 4pm

This intensive workshop will give students an opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience rendering the human figure from life in one and/or two mediums: pencil and paint.

The curriculum highlights the introduction of sound academic techniques and the sight size method.

Each day the instructor will devote 1 hour to lectures and demonstrations focusing on better understanding the anatomy and construction of the human form and its features. Students will learn and practice the stages of the classical process, drawing / painting from a model.

Students will have the opportunity to obtain a fully finished and accurate representation within the range of their experience and ability.

This workshop is excellent for artists looking to hone their craft and open to all students who want to improve. Students will have the opportunity to work alongside GGA Director Andrew Ameral and to observe his real-time execution of these methods and drawing techniques.

“The workshop was challenging, rewarding, illuminating and fun. I learned a lot in the 4 days. It was a great program and a great idea to break it down to 2 days drawings and 2 days painting. Andy’s lectures had a lot of good information and his demo and his drawing and painting with us was the best. I am a visual learner so watching him draw and paint was priceless. Another part of the program I loved was meeting like minded people. It was the right number of people for the workshop.”

– S, workshop participant


Andrew Ameral



Drawing the Figure: A Classical Approach – CANCELED

Aug 3, 2022 – Aug 6, 2022

Please visit for detailed information about the workshop and the Landgrove Inn.


Andrew Ameral



Painting the Figure in Costume 2020

Mar 23, 2020 – Mar 26, 2020

10am - 4pm

Join Golden Gate Atelier instructor Sean Forester for this special workshop on the figure in costume. Learn to paint from life using the sight-size technique. Sean will offer lectures, demonstrations, and critiques. He will explain how drawing, value, color, and composition contribute to your artwork. The workshop is limited to seven participants and each artist will receive personal attention and instruction.


Sean Forester



Composition Winter 2020: Perspective and the Figure

Feb 7, 2020 – Mar 13, 2020

6 Fridays 10:30am - 2:30pm

In this composition class students we will study one and two point linear perspective. Students will learn how perspective applies to the human figure and how to place a figure into an environment. Sean Forester will offer lectures and provide individual instruction. Students will also be asked to work on assignments at home. Students enrolled in the composition class are invited to Sean’s Tuesday afternoon art history lectures at the atelier.


Sean Forester



Foundations Workshop Fall 2019

Oct 13, 2019 – Nov 17, 2019

6 Sundays 10am - 4:45pm

The Golden Gate Atelier Foundations Workshop is a once weekly class that aims to give students an introduction to classical atelier methodology taught in the full-time atelier program.

Students learn to use the sight-size method and comparative measurement techniques to achieve accurate and aesthetically pleasing figure and cast drawings. The course emphasizes accurate proportions and organization of values to create a strong light impression.


John Robert Peck


$950 ($350 deposit to secure space)